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What to expect.

Frenchies are considered an intelligent, well-tempered breed. Their high level of alertness of their surroundings means you can’t get away with much under a Frenchies watchful eye. They are relatively sociable dogs, and typically get along with people and as well as other pets. Their big personalities and even temper make them entertaining and lovable companions.

Frenchies make great companions for single pet-owners and families with young kiddos alike. Not only is their appearance absolutely irresistible, but their demeanor with children is fantastic. If you’re considering getting a dog for your young family, a French bulldog is a great option.

Frenchies love to play, and are super affectionate with their human companions. If you’re the type who digs a lazy day on the couch crushing Netflix — with the occasional play break, this dog just might be your new best friend. Additionally, Frenchies are often super sensitive. They don’t respond well to yelling, as that will just cause them to mope around. So, you’re better off sticking to positive reinforcement.

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